Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses

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Long sleeve and lace?! Wedding dresses don’t really get much better than when these two attributes come together in a bridal design. Whether you’re searching for a totally bohemian bridal style that features illusion lace long sleeves or a more sultry look with floral lace detailing set atop sheer three quarter length sleeves, these long sleeve lace wedding dresses from Enchanting by Mon Cheri will far surpass your bridal expectations. Browse long sleeve lace wedding dresses from Enchanting by Mon Cheri below:

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Long sleeve A-line wedding gown with sheer bodice and organza skirt

Style No. 221151

Long sleeve A-line wedding dress with unique flared cuffs and open back

Style No. 221165

Heavenly Lace A-Line Gown with Three-Quarter Length Sleeves

Style No. 217108

Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses from Enchanting by Mon Cheri

The long sleeve wedding dress has proven to be a classic staple of bridal design. This beloved bridal silhouette provides added coverage to the upper half in order to create a more elegant and high-class style that is sure to stand the test of time, so it’s no wonder why historical figures and modern-day celebrities alike don this timeless bridal style. Now, combine this long sleeve silhouette with lace that reflects the romance of your special day, and what you’re left with is a one-of-a-kind wedding dress that will pass through your family for generations to come. It’s a spark that no other style of wedding dress can inspire - long sleeve lace wedding dresses from Enchanting by Mon Cheri hold the wedding day look that your heart has been longing for. 


Are long sleeve wedding dresses in style?

Always! Honestly, this bridal style never goes out of fashion. There’s something about the way long sleeve wedding dresses hug to the upper half and accentuate the waist like no other bridal style can. If you look at celebrities and royal figures, you can see that long sleeve wedding dresses have permeated throughout history and are still breathtaking to this day. If you’re a bride-to-be that appreciates tradition and want to emulate the classics of bridal design, then these long sleeve wedding dresses from Enchanting by Mon Cheri are your perfect match. Or maybe you’re a bride-to-be that wants something modern with roots in bridal trends that have been popular throughout time - there are long sleeve wedding dresses that infuse styles from the past into modern day silhouettes. 


Why long sleeves and lace make the perfect timeless bridal style: 

Each wedding dress staples in their own way, long sleeves and lace are showstopping attributes that can come together to create one stunning bridal style. Look to style 218169 from Enchanting by Mon Cheri to see what we’re talking about. With a sexy fit and flare silhouette complemented by a deep plunging neckline, this wedding dress features long sleeves and lace in a refreshing and unique way, creating a wedding day look that’s truly unforgettable. 


They’re a match made in heaven - long sleeve lace wedding dresses from Enchanting by Mon Cheri feature two of the most popular bridal attributes within one silhouette so that you can have the best of both worlds for your special day.