The Perfect Hairstyle to Suit Your Wedding Dress Mobile Image

The Perfect Hairstyle to Suit Your Wedding Dress

July 09, 2021

Often, we find some brides are torn on how to style their hair for their wedding day. There’s always the classic braided updo or half-up, half-down with loose curls, and these styles are popular for good reason—they look great on everyone, work with plenty of gorgeous bridal aesthetics, and are easy for your stylist to accomplish beautifully. Sometimes, though, we find brides looking for something more unique for their weddings. For brides who want a hairstyle that is both chic and unexpected, we have hair inspiration for you! Check out a few of our favorite hairstyle options with different Enchanting wedding gowns.


Boho Braids and 221158




One of our favorite details of 221158 is its high neckline, so we love the idea of pairing it with an updo to emphasize its gorgeous halter neck. This intricate, boho braid complements the laid-back elegance of the gown perfectly, emphasizing the halter neck and open back to create an edgy, one-of-a-kind look we love.



Glamorous Waves and 221155




Everything about 221155 is glamorous, from the gorgeous beaded shoulder details to the dramatic sheer skirt, so it only makes sense to have an equally glamorous hairstyle to match the dress’s drama. These flowing, voluminous waves complement the gown perfectly—the style is bold enough to suit the gown, but classic enough not to overcomplicate the look.



Bold Hair Accessories and 221159




We know that girls who pick 221159 as their wedding dress love to sparkle, so why not add to the dress with a bold hair accessory? We love this bride’s simple yet sophisticated pearl headband, a perfect addition to the all-over shimmer of 221159. The pearls suit the dress’s shimmering elegance without adding too much sparkle, making this a perfect pair.



Chic Updo and 221160




A timeless classic, the sleek look of 221160 needs something just as chic to match the bold, simple elegance of this fit and flare. This classic updo is polished and sleek with subtle detail we can’t get enough of. The best part of this style? Pulling your hair up emphasizes the intricate embroidery covering the back of your dress, letting your gown shine.