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Unique Alternatives to a Wedding Cake

July 21, 2021

For decades, the cake has been a staple of the wedding reception: tall, multi-tiered layers of classic white cake covered in flowers, icing, and the occasional cake topper have been the dominant dessert of the wedding scene—but not everyone’s a cake person. Some modern couples have been opting for other desserts as an alternative to the classic wedding cake, choosing desserts that instead have sentimental meaning to the couple, are easier for guests to eat, or just suit the couple’s sweet tooth better. If you’re thinking of replacing your cake with a different dessert, check out a few of our favorite wedding cake alternatives: 






The beauty of the cookie is its easily decorated top. Classic sugar cookies like these gorgeous all-white creations make a perfect canvas for any decoration you can imagine: you can opt for something chic and timeless like these, or coordinate to your wedding day colors. You can even choose to have cookies in the shape of something sentimental (your dog, a favorite location, a common interest, etc). 






Love the idea of cake, but want something a bit more laid-back and easier for your guests to eat? Cupcakes solve all your problems! You still get the gorgeous icing creations of a classic wedding cake (we love these floral designs), but with the added bonus of a cupcake’s easy-to-serve size. And even better—you’ll be able to choose multiple flavors so that all your guests can have their favorite. 






If you love everything French, why not have a cake made of macarons? Sophisticated and easy, you can combine flavors to create a dazzling range of desserts for your guests. This way, there’s no mess—guests can simply grab the macaron of their choosing and keep right on dancing and mingling!



Chocolate-Covered Strawberries



Healthy, gorgeous, and easy to eat, chocolate-covered strawberries are the perfect dessert for summer weddings. These desserts are even easy enough to make yourself, if you’re on a budget, and are always a universal crowd-pleaser. 



Ice Cream Bar



Another great summer wedding dessert? Ice cream! You can set up an ice cream bar where guests can choose their own sundae toppings, or even book a vintage-style ice cream truck to serve your guests at the reception. No matter what you choose, this fun dessert option will be a hit at your wedding. 






A great grab-and-go dessert, setting out a table of mousse makes an easy dessert. Guests can get their dessert when they’re ready, rather than waiting, and it saves you from any potential cake smashed in your face. Besides, who doesn’t love chocolate? 






Planning a morning wedding? Well, why not have a breakfast-themed cake? This stack of pancakes is fun, completely unexpected, and perfect for a brunch hour wedding. You could easily have one big pancake-cake and serve your guests smaller stacks, so that there’s no complicated cutting of the one big pancake. 






Another great brunch hour option, we think the donut can be served all day—this adorable wall of donuts not only serves as a fun dessert option, but creates a decor focal point for the reception your guests will love. Plus, with all the fun options for icing colors and toppings, you’ll be able to easily coordinate this dessert to your wedding day.