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Unconventional Themes And Gowns For A Wedding No One Will Forget

August 05, 2021

Sitting down to plan your wedding, and unsure where to start? Want something unique, fun, and free-spirited like you, but aren’t sure that the typical boho wedding is what you’re looking for? Since there’s plenty of boho inspiration out there, we’re giving you some of our favorite unconventional, out-of-the-box wedding themes that are still utterly beautiful and will have all your guests talking about your wedding for years to come. These fun alternatives to the boho wedding will perfectly solve your planning dilemma, and to make it even better, we’ve included a few of our favorite wedding dresses for each theme so you can picture what we’re envisioning:


Vintage-Inspired Elegance









For brides who want something unique that they know will still look just as beautiful when looking back on photos in 30 years, look no further than the vintage-inspired wedding. We’re in love with this decor theme: you get all the elegance and sophistication of old Hollywood, and your wedding will have a completely unique look that’s also perfectly timeless—seriously, if we’re still loving this aesthetic 50 years later, it’s never going to look bad!


With this decor aesthetic, we think that 221152 pairs perfectly—covered in vintage-inspired lace, this stunning, long sleeve sheath gown fits the vibe perfectly. The intricate lace and classic silhouette give you the vintage-inspired look you want, while the open back and illusion sweetheart neckline add a sultry, modern touch to perfectly bring this look into the 21st century.



Bridgerton Vibes









Between Netflix’s Bridgerton release last winter and the surge in popularity of the cottagecore aesthetic, we can’t get enough of this Regency-inspired look for weddings. The perfect blend of princess-like whimsy and classic, regal decor style, this theme will give your wedding a magical tone that will make your guests feel as if they just stepped into a Jane Austen novel. With an abundance of blooming flowers and candlelight, it’s the perfect romantic undertone to celebrate your marital bliss.


What better to suit your romantic, Bridgerton-esque wedding than all-over lace? 221164 brings all the romance and drama perfect for this wedding—the intricate, vintage-inspired lace gives the dress the perfect cottagecore touch, while the semi-sheer skirt, waist cut outs, and dramatic train give it the perfect hint of modern bridal trends to make it stand out.



Wild West










The boho aesthetic is popular for a reason, so it’s natural you’re maybe looking for something similar that’s not quite the same—enter the Western wedding. A more desert-inspired, unique look, this decor aesthetic is perfect for the outdoorsy couple looking to plan a slightly hippie-esque ceremony with a bit of a rock and roll undertone. Succulents and warm earth tones punctuate this style, giving you a gorgeous range of neutrals to add pops of color to.


For a wedding as cool as a Western film, it only fits that you’d want a wedding dress that captures the effortlessly gorgeous effect of your decor. Perfect for the ever-so-cool bride, this simple, strapless A-line gown features a bold, thigh-high slit with a shorter skirt underneath, showing off your legs for a modern, flirty statement perfectly suited to a Western wedding.












A jaw-dropping, twinkling decor theme we’re absolutely in love with, this celestial wedding is perfect for the bride who wants her wedding to feel like a fairytale. Perfectly magical, this style is also relatively easy to accomplish—most of your decor is lights! Add a few celestial-inspired accessories, and you’ve got a stunning, star-studded wedding perfect for any season, giving your entire wedding a magical, romantic undertone guests will obsess over.


If your entire wedding is sparkling, why shouldn’t your dress? With an out-of-the-box wedding theme, you should opt for an equally as unique wedding dress, like this sequin-covered sheath. The wrap style and slit give you the perfect figure-flattering shape, while the shimmering sequins will catch the lights of your wedding decor perfectly.












Okay, so you like the vintage-inspired look, the Western style, and a starry night wedding? Don’t worry! You can have them all—what you’re looking for is a disco wedding! This decor is a 70’s-style, Studio 54-inspired disco look that gives you the perfect vintage Western aesthetic, with the disco balls bringing in that magical, twinkling star-like atmosphere. Perfect for fun-loving couples who want to celebrate their marriage in style, this 70’s rock-and-roll-meets-bridal-elegance wedding will have all your guests ready to celebrate your marriage on the dance floor.


If you’re opting for disco-inspired decor, you’re going to want something sleek yet sparkling, sultry, and fun to fit the 70’s vibes of your wedding. This gorgeous fit and flare dress fits the bill perfectly: a slinky, simple white gown with spaghetti straps and an open, strappy back, the dress is covered in a pattern of white beading that will reflect the light under the dance floor perfectly.



Bright and Bold








Is your big dilemma on decor that you love the style of a traditional wedding, you just don’t think the classic white-and-soft-pink color scheme suits your personality? If you’re the kind of woman who watches a Wes Anderson film and falls in love with the bright, perfectly concocted color schemes, then why not plan a wedding with all the traditional decor elements, just in colors you love? A bright color palette will give your wedding a classic look, just in a more personalized style that will make you feel more yourself on your big day—not to mention it’ll give you that stunning, Wes-Anderson-film aesthetic that’ll look perfect in photos.


For a classic wedding with a bit of a twist, you’re going to want a dress that doesn’t fight the bright color palette. Something chic and simple, with a fun, unexpected detail that stands out. This trumpet gown is perfect, with a high neckline and gorgeous pearl detailing along the edges that gives it just enough detail without clashing with your busy decor. After all, what’s a better way to stand out than being the only one in white at your wedding?