Times Have Changed: What You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Shopping During the Pandemic Mobile Image

Times Have Changed: What You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Shopping During the Pandemic

July 29, 2020

While it doesn't seem like we're going to be returning back to normal life anytime soon, bridal boutiques across the country are slowly beginning to open back up again which means the search for the perfect wedding dress is on. However, just because you're allowed to shop doesn't mean that the status quo has returned in these stores; customers and employees are wearing masks, hand sanitizer is at every corner and the amount of people in a store is extremely limited. Moral of the story: wedding dress shopping looks pretty different during COVID-19. 


Below, answers to your questions about what you need to know before, during and after your wedding dress appointment during COVID-19. 


How can I ensure that my wedding dress appointment goes smoothly? 


Now's the time to prepare. If you're determined to go wedding dress shopping, then you need to have a good idea beforehand of what kind of bridal style it is that you're looking for. If you show up to your wedding dress appointment with absolutely no direction on what it is you're wanting, the styling consultant will be pressed for time on helping you since a lot of boutiques are cutting down on appointment duration due to health precautions. 


How will I know that the bridal boutique is safe for me to shop in?


Reach out! If you have your eye on a couple of bridal boutiques and are approaching the point of scheduling an appointment, you need to make sure to call ahead in order to find out what precautions are in place for COVID-19. Some boutiques now have limited hours, restrict how many guests are allowed and have rules set in place in terms of mask wearing. By gathering all of the information on how the boutique is taking precautions, you'll be better able to determine if you feel comfortable scheduling an appointment with them.


Who should I bring with me to my appointment? 


If the bridal boutique allows you to bring guests with you to your appointment (more than likely they will limit it to 2-3 extra people), choose who accompanies you wisely! Bring people with you who you know will be honest but also loving and considerate of your opinion. Honestly, the guest limitations on appointments because of COVID-19 will help you in the long run! Brides often make the mistake of bringing too many of their friends and family members and their appointments get overrun with a myriad of opinions. A smaller guest size means that your opinion and desires are at the forefront of the wedding dress appointment. 


How will wearing a mask affect my appointment?


This might not be the first question that pops into your mind when scheduling a bridal appointment, but it's an important one to consider! Because you'll have half of your face covered by a mask, it will be harder for the styling consultant to read your expression and thoughts when trying on gowns. Therefore, you need to speak up about what you think of each wedding dress you try on! This is not the time to be shy. 


When will my wedding dress arrive?


Due to COVID-19, wedding dresses are taking longer to deliver once an order is placed. If you find the wedding dress of your dreams at your appointment, make sure you discuss with someone at the boutique about when the gown will arrive. Imagine the disaster that would happen if your bridal gown was to arrive after your wedding date!


We know that the pandemic is placing an especially large amount of stress on brides-to-be, but as long as you keep your patience, your dream wedding will happen!