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The COVID-19 Wedding Vocab You Need to Know

August 28, 2020


COVID-19 has put so much stress on the wedding industry that we had to create our own lingo just to figure how to navigate all the craziness. Brides are being thrown words like micro wedding, minimony, change the date, etc. and the learning curve for the vocab can be intense, especially for those that just got recently engaged. It's clear that the wedding planning arena has evolved thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and with these changes comes a whole new set of obstacles. 


Below - the COVID-19 wedding vocab you need to know as you begin embarking on the uncharted territory that is modern-day wedding planning: 


Micro Wedding


Somewhere between your traditional wedding and casual backyard affair. Micro weddings are the modern-day couples' cure for the COVID-19 blues. They basically follow the normal ceremony structure - walk down the aisle, say your vows, tie the knot - but with a much smaller guest list, usually no more than 50 people or so. Micro weddings are obviously ideal for the couple looking to move forward with their nuptials amongst all the COVID-19 chaos because it provides a safer and more intimate environment for everyone hoping to celebrate. 




Similar to micro weddings but with two parts: a small ceremony to tie the knot and then a large gathering at a future date where you can celebrate with all of your family and friends. Minimonies are your perfect match if you and your partner are eager to say "I do" right now but don't mind pushing off your dream wedding party for a later date when COVID-19 restrictions will (hopefully!) be lifted. 




This term is pretty self explanatory but is worth mentioning just in case you're not aware of it. #Coronabride is a popular hashtag that pretty much every bride is using if their struggling to plan their wedding around COVID-19 guidelines. Did your wedding venue cancel on you? #Coronabride problem. Are you having to cut your guest list in half? #Coronabride problem. Putting hand sanitizer stations up around your ceremony? Definitely a #coronabride problem. 




Like the second half of a minimony but for your honeymoon. Latermoons have been increasing in popularity well before COVID-19 became an issue but we've definitely seen a spike in this trend since the start of the pandemic. You can have your small intimate ceremony now and escape to a romantic destination in a year or so when everything has calmed down. Besides, couples have found that it's nice to not escape right after their wedding since leaving for an extravagant getaway can feel overwhelming after a big ceremony. 


Change the Date


Say goodbye to save the dates and say hello to change the dates. This is the new phrase couples are opting for if they've had to reschedule their original wedding day plans due to COVID-19. If this sounds like your situation, consider "changing the date" through an email blast so as to prevent waste and to save money! 


Header image by: Annie Gray