The "Comfort Band" System and Other Must-Know Methods to Encourage Social Distancing at Your Wedding Mobile Image

The "Comfort Band" System and Other Must-Know Methods to Encourage Social Distancing at Your Wedding

August 21, 2020


If you haven't had a conversation about how you're going to handle social distancing at your wedding yet, we're here to let you know that girl - now is the time! Guests want to know that you're taking the necessary precautions to keep them safe, so incorporating guidelines regarding mask wearing, social distancing and hand sanitizing is a must. And don't be worried about whether or not these safety measures will take away from the beauty of your event because we've compiled a must-see list of different methods you can use to make sure your ceremony stays safe and stays looking cute.


Implement a "comfort" band system.


This is one of our favorite safety methods when it comes to planning a ceremony during COVID-19. Not only is it super cute, but it also allows all of your guests to know where others stand in terms of social distancing by just one quick glance of the wrist. Directions often look like this: 

  • Red/pink: keep your distance, please!
  • Blue/yellow: open to talking but no touching! 
  • Green/white: all good with hugs and high fives - let's celebrate!

You can also fit the colors to the decor of your wedding if these don't suit your style. 


Get creative with your seating arrangements.


At most, you should have 5-6 people per table, categorized by household or close-knit friends who are already seeing each other. With that in mind, you can take your micro wedding to the next level by getting creative with your seating arrangements. Soft seating such as small couches or plush benches are becoming more and more popular as it lets your guests relax in different areas of the venue as they watch you tie the knot.  You can also discuss your vision with your wedding planner and see if they have any unique ideas on how to arrange everyone! 


Try out a plated menu since buffets aren't an option.


Let's face it - self-serve just isn't an option right now. If you're wanting to move forward with providing dinner for your guests, opt for a plated menu where caterers (with masks) drop the food off at each table. Choose to serve one of your favorite meals or ask a local restaurant to come up with a unique menu for your wedding 


Find endearing ways to communicate expectations.


You can't slack on communication with your guests if you're having a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, you need to be over-communicating with everyone! A smart way to reinforce the guidelines you'd like to follow is by posting up sweet signs that reminds people to wear a mask or wash their hands. You could even set up hand sanitizing stations for people to use throughout the night. 

Provide masks for your guests.


If everyone has to wear a mask at your event, why not customize them to your ceremony? Ask a designer to create masks with your wedding date on it or a sweet print that matches the vibe of your wedding. Plus, this is a perfect way to ensure everyone will be wearing a mask because you know for a fact someone will forget theirs at home. 


Throw a concert instead of a dance party.


We know you probably want to have a dance party right after you tie the knot, but it's hard to maintain a safe distance if everyone's on the dance floor. Instead, have you and your partner complete your first dance and then hire some local musicians to put on an acoustic concert for your guests to listen and dance to in their designated area. It's a memorable but still totally safe way to celebrate your nuptials.