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The Bride is Panicking: How to Be a Supportive Bridesmaid During COVID-19

July 08, 2020



If you're a bridesmaid currently, you probably know better than most that the wedding planning struggle is real - especially right now. The coronavirus pandemic has caused most brides that were planning on having a wedding in 2020 to either postpone their original date or move forward with a more intimate ceremony. Do these change of plans sound like your bride's situation? Whether you're the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, it's important to show up for the bride during this overwhelming time and let her know that she has your support through thick and thin. 


Below - different ways to be a supportive bridesmaid as the bride navigates the difficulties of throwing a wedding during COVID-19. 


Send a care package. 

This is by far the easiest way to let the bride know that you're thinking of her during this crazy time. If she's a sweet lover, send her something like the package above with a huge donut and a bottle of wine because we all know she needs it. Or you could go the self-care route and send her a package with a robe, house slippers and some face masks! Whatever you and the other bridesmaids decide on, this thoughtful gesture will go a long way to make her feel supported and loved.


Ask the bride what she needs help with. 

This might seem obvious, but this step is key to showing your support as a bridesmaid during this time! If you think your bride doesn't need help with anything, you're probably wrong. Just because she hasn't reached out to you doesn't mean that there's nothing to do; on the contrary, if she's in the process of re-planing her wedding, then she's probably too overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done and hasn't had the time to stop and ask for help. Reaching out is a simple way to let her know that you're thinking of her and prepared to help her dream wedding come to life. 


Start planning a virtual bachelorette party or bridal shower. 

If you haven't already thrown the bachelorette party or bridal shower and the bride is stressing about how she's going to handle the pre-nuptial parties, put her anxiety to rest by planning out a virtual celebration. While a virtual party doesn't sound as fun as the real thing, there are definitely ways to make the Zoom get-together memorable. Like the guide says above, come up with a theme, wear the cutest outfit you've worn all quarantine, make yourself a delicious cocktail and don't forget to post how gorgeous y'all look all over Instagram. A lighthearted party can really take some of the burden off of isolation for everyone! 



Let her vent.

This step is crucial. With the coronavirus pandemic still going strong, a lot of soon-to-be wed couples are feeling all types of stress. Make sure to call the bride and just check in! She more than likely needs someone to listen to her during this time, and doing this small step will show her that she's being thought of. 



Stay positive! 

When in doubt, keep your head up! With best friends by your side and a wedding day celebration on the way, the times don't have to feel so ominous. Your bride will appreciate the uplifting view on a situation that can feel all too overwhelming. The world may feel especially uncertain at this moment, but we will get through this. 

Header image credit: Emma Bauso