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Summer 2021 Wedding Colors to Make Your Ceremony Stand Out

June 10, 2021

Planning a wedding can be stressful—after all, you’re coordinating a venue, catering, guests, music, and much more, and that’s before you even reach the decor! Aside from your dress and venue, the decor is one of the biggest parts of your wedding, setting the tone for your guests and giving your marriage a jaw-dropping backdrop. Underscoring your decor choices is your color palette—you pull from your colors for everything from table settings to florals, so you want something you’ll love. We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of classic color palettes, but if you’re looking for something bold and unique this summer to stand out, check out a few of our favorite wedding color trends:


Shades of Purple



Opting for monotone doesn’t have to overpower your entire wedding day! We’ve been loving varying shades of purple—soft lilacs, deep violets, and bright mauves come together to create a bright, calming ombre effect that gives your wedding the perfect pop of color. We especially love this with beach weddings—just imagine those gorgeous purples against the sunset!


A Burst of Citrus



If you’re dreaming of bright and bold, look no further than this trend. Bright oranges and yellows (and even deep, grapefruit pinks) add a tropical, fun tone to everything. It’s impossible for a wedding to look anything but joyful with this color scheme, and we can’t get enough of it!


White and Emerald



White and green are classic for a reason! The color combination looks incredible at any venue, and you’re guaranteed to still love it in 30 years. You can even give it a tropical twist like this bride did—just because your color palette is traditional doesn’t mean your decor has to be!


Burnt Orange and Deep Green



Burnt orange and mustard often bring fall to mind, but trust us—they work just as well in summer. These bold earthy tones add a warm glow to your wedding, with the deep green working as a summer-y base note that brings these colors together for warm weather perfectly.


A Subtle Rainbow



Having a hard time choosing colors? Why not a soft rainbow of bright pinks and blue with pops of yellow? You’ll get a gorgeous look that brings a fun, tropical vibe to your wedding great for summer. Not to mention, the rainbow look will give you the best of everything—the bright, happy look of yellow, the romantic look of pink, and the calming effect of blue all in one.