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Simple Must-Know Wedding Day Traditions to Include at Your Elopement

September 08, 2020


Whether COVID-19 got in the way of your original wedding day plans or you were never interested in throwing an extravagant ceremony in the first place, choosing to elope can be both a thrilling and intimidating experience. While you're foregoing the conventional approach to tying the knot, you can still incorporate traditional aspects into your nuptials without being too over-the-top about it. Say your vows at your favorite park or include religious traditions that you and your partner couldn't imagine tying the knot without - either way, there are plenty of small details that you can partake in if you want your elopement to capture certain romantic elements of a traditional wedding. 


Walk down the aisle.

This step is fairly obvious, but it's a key aspect of any traditional ceremony! Make an entrance to one of your favorite songs, and have your dad or another close family member or friend walk with you to your soon-to-be spouse. If there's no designated aisle at your elopement, create one with a vintage rug or follow an outside trail if your ceremony is taking place at the beach or in the mountains. Ingenuity is what matters!


Say your vows.

Can we all agree that reading vows is one of the most romantic parts of any wedding? Profess your love to each other with handwritten letters or honor your religion by crafting them with traditional phrases that have shaped you as a couple. Whatever you decide on, saying your vows to one another adds an unforgettable personal touch to any wedding day. 


Incorporate religious traditions.

We touched on this in the previous point, but if honoring your religion is important to you and your partner, don't shy away from including them into your elopement! A lot of religious traditions also work best at intimate ceremonies - like having each guest bless the wedding rings, reading sacred texts or breaking the glass - so don't stress too much on planning out these aspects. 


Create your first look moment. 

If you're hiring a photographer to capture your elopement, don't miss out on having them snap a few photos of your first look! These first look moments are especially dreamy during elopements because they often take place against dramatic backdrops of breathtaking mountains or romantic beaches. 


Have a first dance.

Having a first dance is one of those quintessential wedding day traditions that you shouldn't pass up. Queue up the song that means the most to you and yours and soak in the fact that you just got to tie the knot with the love of your life. 


Cut the wedding cake together.

Who says you can't have a wedding cake if you're getting eloped? Find a local bakery to create a cake that's fit for an intimate ceremony and dive into it with your loved ones after you say "I do." We promise that bringing a cake with you won't drag down your easygoing elopement. 


Pop the champagne!

You finally said "I do" - now time to pour the bubbly! Bring along that special bottle of vintage champagne you've been dying to drink or keep it casual and spontaneous with alcohol you picked up on your way to elope. Either way, popping some champagne on your wedding day is the perfect way to end a celebration of love. 


Header image by: Hannah Busing