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Sex and the City-inspired Wedding Dresses

July 08, 2023

If you're a die-hard Sex and the City fan like us, then you're probably just as excited as we are about the latest season of "And Just Like That" airing on Max! With Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte gracing our screens once again, the allure of New York City and its glamorous fashion scene has returned. To honor this iconic show, we're going to take a journey down the aisle, showcasing enchanting wedding dresses inspired by our favorite Sex and the City characters. Get ready for a bridal adventure like no other, courtesy of Enchanting by Mon Cheri!


Carrie Bradshaw: The Fashionista's Fit and Flare Extravaganza

When it comes to fashion, no one can outshine the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw. Known for her fearless style and love for avant-garde pieces, her wedding dress should be a true reflection of her fashion-forward personality. Picture a breathtaking fit and flare silhouette that accentuates Carrie's curves in all the right places. But we can't stop there - let's add a touch of magic with intricate 3D accents for a burst of fashionable texture. Delicate floral appliqués, intricate beading, or even feathers create a mesmerizing effect that embodies Carrie's bold and creative spirit. 


Style: E2537



Miranda Hobbes: The Modern Elegance's Simple Square Neckline Gown

Miranda Hobbes, a woman of refined taste and understated elegance, would likely opt for a wedding dress that embraces classic sophistication with a modern twist. Imagine a timeless gown featuring a clean and chic square neckline. This simple yet striking detail highlights Miranda's graceful neckline and adds an air of modernity to her bridal look. The gown's silhouette is tailored to perfection, hugging her figure in all the right places and exuding confidence. With minimal embellishments and a focus on luxurious fabric, this gown captures Miranda's preference for understated elegance. It's a symbol of her timeless style and serves as a reminder that simplicity can be incredibly powerful. As Miranda walks down the aisle in this sophisticated gown, she effortlessly showcases her innate ability to make a statement with understated beauty.


Style: E2508



Charlotte York: The Chic Sophisticate's Crepe Masterpiece

Charlotte York, our resident romantic with impeccable taste, embodies sophistication and timeless elegance. For her, a wedding dress that exudes refinement and modernity is the epitome of perfection. Imagine a sleek crepe gown, with its clean lines and figure-hugging silhouette, that accentuates Charlotte's graceful demeanor. This minimalist yet striking dress showcases her impeccable taste and showcases her love for understated luxury. 


Style: E502



Samantha Jones: The Sensual Siren's Seductive Ensemble

Ah, Samantha Jones, the embodiment of confidence and sensuality! For Samantha, a wedding dress that oozes sexiness while still maintaining elegance is a must. A form-fitting silhouette with plunging necklines, bold lace, illusion panels, or dramatic back detailing would capture Samantha's bold spirit and create an unforgettable bridal look.


Style: 122171



Just like Sex and the City has captured our hearts for years, Enchanting by Mon Cheri captures the essence of these iconic characters through their breathtaking wedding dress collection. Whether you identify with the fashion-forward Carrie, the sophisticated Miranda, the romantic Charlotte, or the daring Samantha, there's a dress waiting to make your bridal dreams come true. Embrace your inner Sex and the City heroine and let Enchanting bring your wedding day magic to life. Find a store near you to discover your dream gown!