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Real Bride: Meet Kathy!

April 18, 2024

Today, we’re diving into the magical world of weddings with our real bride feature, shining the spotlight on the lovely Kathy. From the moment Kathy stepped into Layah’s Bridal Boutique and laid eyes on her dream Enchanting by Mon Cheri dress, her wedding journey took on a fairytale-like quality. With a black and white theme in mind, Kathy’s vision for her special day was as timeless and elegant as her dress.


Kathy found herself entranced by the stunning creations at Layah’s Bridal Boutique. As fate would have it, she stumbled upon the dress of her dreams, the Enchanting by Mon Cheri gown. This dress, with its intricate lace details and ethereal silhouette, was simply made for her.





Capturing every breathtaking moment of Kathy’s journey was none other than the talented Michelle Sobel, whose keen eye and artistic flair immortalized each smile, each embrace, and every tender moment. Michelle’s ability to encapsulate the essence of Kathy’s love story is truly remarkable, making her the perfect choice to document such a monumental occasion. From the grandeur of the ceremony to the intimate moments shared between Kathy and her beloved, Michelle Sobel’s photographs tell a story of love, joy, and endless enchantment. Through her lens, she captured the essence of Kathy’s black and white theme, showcasing the timeless elegance of the affair.



So here’s to you, Kathy, and to your enchanting journey from bride to wife. May your days be filled with love, laughter, and endless magic. And to all the brides-to-be out there, remember: your wedding day is a reflection of your unique love story, so embrace every moment and let your enchantment shine through! 


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