How You Can Still Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date if COVID-19 Cancelled Your Ceremony Mobile Image

How You Can Still Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date if COVID-19 Cancelled Your Ceremony

August 06, 2020


There's no reason to let your original wedding date go to waste. Whether you're rescheduling your ceremony for sometime next year when (hopefully!) COVID-19 restrictions are a thing of the past or opting for a minimony in the next few months, there are still plenty of ways to honor your original wedding date at home. 


Below - 7 different ways to make sure your original wedding date doesn't go to waste.


1. Read your vows to each other.

This is pretty much the ultimate way to honor your wedding day if your original date has been cancelled. Finish up your words of love and read them to each other in a romantic backyard garden or your favorite spot in the house. Make sure you have a tissue on deck because the tears will be flowing. 



2. Dance to your wedding playlist.

If you haven't made your wedding playlist yet, now's the time to do so. Fill up your playlist with the songs that mean the most to you and your partner, and dance around the kitchen, your living room or your bedroom because why not. 


3. Stage a photoshoot.

Throw on a white dress! Slip on that suit! And then figure out how to use the self-timer on your phone because a wedding day photoshoot is truly a must


4. Buy a mini wedding cake. 

Just because your original wedding day plans look a little different doesn't mean you can't celebrate with an improvised wedding cake! Talk to your local bakery about making you and your partner a budget-friendly cake or if you really want to be spur of the moment, pick one up at the grocery store on your way home from work. Your sweet tooth will thank you. 



5. Ask your loved ones to get on Zoom and celebrate with you. 

Get that Zoom link going and blast it out to all of your friends and family that would want to join in on your celebration. While this is nowhere close to the real deal, it'll still be lots of fun partying with your loved ones even if it is over the internet. 


6. Have a picnic in your favorite park.

If you want to venture out of your house to celebrate your wedding day, pack a picnic for you and your partner and head to your favorite park! After all, what's more romantic than sharing a bottle of wine and cuddling up on a little blanket as you reminisce about your love story?



7. Take Polaroids and create a scrapbook. 

If you own a Polaroid camera - use it! Take pictures of you and your partner celebrating your original wedding date and tape them to a scrapbook. Trust us, you'll want the memories in print.