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How to Get the Most Out of Your Bridal Shopping Appointment

September 29, 2021

Shopping for your wedding dress is a huge part of wedding planning! Finding the right dress for you and the one you’ll say “I do” in is a big decision, so coming to your appointment ready to make the most of it is completely key. If you’re looking for the best way to show up prepared to your appointment, we’re sharing all our best tips for brides looking to make the most of the bridal shopping experience:

Arrive Open-Minded


Naturally, you’ve been looking forward to bridal shopping since you started wedding planning! Plenty of brides check out dresses online (hello, you’re on our website right now), on Instagram, or in magazines, and arrive to their appointment with a few dresses they’ve got their eye on. We obviously fully support arriving to your appointment inspired, but we like to remind brides to keep an open mind! You may change your mind about a silhouette once you see it in person, or perhaps a dress you hadn’t loved online looks incredible in person. Be open to other options!

Set Your Venue Before You Shop


One of the biggest factors in what dress you may want depends on your venue and weather. Arrive to your appointment with the date and venue set—after all, you’d likely want a different dress for a tropical destination wedding than you would a winter church ceremony!



Do you have a family heirloom you’re planning on wearing on your wedding day? Perhaps a something old, something borrowed, or something blue? Bring it with you to you shopping appointment. You want to be sure that anything sentimental will look great with the dress, and it’ll help you have the best idea of what you’ll look like on your wedding day. 



Choose a few of your closest friends and family to bring to your appointment! You’ll be glad they’re there if you’re torn between two dresses and can’t make up your mind, and you’ll love having them there to celebrate when you finally find the one! However, we also recommend trying to keep your shopping group limited—it’s tempting to bring along every aunt, friend, bridesmaid, and family member available, but having too many second opinions during your appointment can be overwhelming. Keeping the group down to a few trusted friends and family will help you stay focused while still having your support group there!