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How to Choose the Perfect Veil for Your Wedding Dress

September 16, 2021

Once you’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams, you still have to find all the perfect accessories to complete your wedding day look. A veil is the most iconic bridal accessory, so finding the right one is key. If you’re searching for your perfect veil, we’re giving our best tips for finding one that works. With so many options for veil lengths and embellishments, finding the right veil can be overwhelmingーso here are our best tips:


Veil Length


Finding the right length of veil for your silhouette is key. You want a veil length that works with your silhouette, not against. The key is to find a length that doesn’t disrupt the lines of your silhouette!



For fuller skirts, like an A-line or ball gown, you want to choose a veil that either ends above the beginning of the skirt, or floor length or longer. This is because when the veil ends mid-way down the skirt, it messes with the flow of the skirt when seen from behind—especially if you have a train. 



If you’re wearing a more fitted silhouette, like a mermaid or fit and flare, look for a veil either shorter than shoulder length or longer than fingertip length. Veils that end between those lengths, like an elbow length veil, disrupt the curves created by your silhouette. 


Veil Style


After length, you want to find a veil that also suits your unique style. Veils come in a range of styles, with varying embellishments that can completely change the look of your wedding dress. 



What you choose can change depending on your dress—a more simple wedding dress may pair best with a unique, embellished veil, such as one with scattered pearls or subtle touches of glitter, like these two above. 



However, if you have a more embellished gown, or simply prefer traditional styles, you may want to opt for a classic style or a lace-edged veil. These styles go with everything, and are perfect for brides who want something timeless.