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Home is Where the Heart is: Inspiration For Your At-Home Wedding During COVID-19

June 04, 2020


Raise your hand if you're a bride that's had to reschedule your original wedding date or opting for an at-home ceremony due to COVID-19! Girl, we feel your struggle.


But there's no need to panic - we've compiled a list of ways you can get inventive with your current situation because, let's be honest, love shouldn't stop for anything. From inspiration for how to throw a virtual bachelor/bachelorette party to creative ways to announce that you're moving your original wedding date to making your home feel as special as your dream wedding venue, we're here to help ease the strain of COVID-19 on your wedding. 


If you're in charge of celebrating the groom or bride during COVID-19: 


While a bachelor or bachelorette party at home isn't ideal, there are plenty of ways to make your best friend or partner feel celebrated from the comfort of their living room. Just look to this apartment-turned-Miami-beach to see what we're talking about: 



Clearly, this couple brought the club to them; all they need is to Zoom in the groomsmen to play a couple of drinking games and the party will be complete! It may not be Miami, but this groom will certainly have had an unforgettable bachelor party. 



Or maybe you're the maid of honor who's had to adjust to a change-of-date due to the pandemic - if that's the case, let the bride know that you and the rest of the bridesmaids are here for her through the ups-and-downs of it all! A hand-written note and some wine goes a long way - or maybe an oversized donut because the times are stressful, y'all. 


If you're having to send out change-the-date announcements: 


Get creative with it! We know that changing the date of your original ceremony is a huge letdown but don't let that get in the way of planning an even better and more memorable wedding at a later date. Just take a look at this Coronavirus-themed photoshoot if you're struggling on how to get the message out: 



We all could use a little bit of humor right now, and this couple definitely saw the light in a dark situation. If beer and toilet paper aren't your thing, opt to send out a video message of you and your fiancé announcing the news or ask the designer who made your original invitations to create an e-blast with a short and sweet statement alerting people of your new date. 


If you're throwing your wedding at home: 


Decided not to let COVID-19 get in the way of tying the knot but now scrambling to make your home feel like your dream wedding venue? Take a deep breath - you've got this. 


If the weather permits and you have access to a nice outside space, set up something intimate and romantic like this quaint lounge area: 


Perfect for Zooming with your loved ones after you say "I do" and drinking champagne as you toast to love, this outdoor setup looks like the ideal arrangement for the after-party of your at-home nuptials. Also if you're able to, reach out to your wedding planner or florist to see if they have any tips on how to decorate your home with what you've got! 


Finally, you can't go wrong with including your pet on your special day! Take a note from the owners of this sweet pup and swap your pets collar for a bow tie or just have your furry family member sit next to you as you tie the knot with the one you love. Whatever you decide, including your pets is a perfect way to add a personal touch to these unique circumstances. 





As long as you stay true to who you are as a couple, your at-home ceremony will be one for the books. 


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Photography by: Dmitry Zvolskiy