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8 Tips for Throwing the At-Home Wedding of Your Dreams

February 26, 2021

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—2021 is the year of at-home weddings! While COVID-19 restrictions regarding large parties are slowly lifting in some states, venues are still having to play it low-key with their events which is why so many soon-to-be-wed couples are deciding to secure their marital status in the comfort of their own home. 


While this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly as there are a lot of factors that come into play when hosting your ceremony in your own home (size of your property, cost, parking, etc.), an at-home wedding is truly a unique experience for everyone involved. 


Even if you don’t have acres of land at your disposal or an impeccably landscaped yard ready to host a party, you can still create an at-home wedding experience that’s special to you and yours. 


Below—our top 9 tips for how to throw an at-home wedding in 2021 that’s just as spectacular as any other extravagant ceremony: 


1. Quality vendors are a must


Ok, so you might be thinking that because you’re throwing an at-home wedding, you can forgo all the pricey vendors needed for a large-scale event. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It’s still important to invest in vendors that know what they’re doing. You could even do a little more research and try to find vendors that specialize in smaller ceremonies or even at-home events. Bottom line is—the details still matter at an intimate wedding!


2. Hire a wedding planner


Picking up on our last point, you still need to hire a wedding planner if you want an ounce of relaxation on your wedding day. There are plenty of wedding planners who have experience managing small-scale weddings as well as weddings in unconventional venues (such as your home!). This guidance will be a lifesaver on your special day. 


Pro tip: ask them about the nitty gritty details like generators, clean-up services and restrooms. How they approach these small details will help you to determine if they’re the right fit for your wedding day. 



3. Pick the best spots (or make them!)


This one’s pretty obvious, but we’ve gotta say it—choose the focal points you want to highlight on your wedding day early! Whether it’s deciding that you want to tie the knot in front of your beautiful garden or make an entrance coming down your extravagant stairs, choosing the best of your at-home environment will ensure that you have a breathtaking ceremony no matter what. And if you’re not sure what focal points to use for your big day, let your wedding planner throw some creative ideas your way on where to celebrate and how to elevate the space you’re working with. 


4. Hiring a landscaper is key


Landscaping your yard is key to making your at-home wedding feel that much more spectacular. Discuss with your wedding planner about what areas they feel need to be focused on the most. We promise a good landscaping job will totally elevate the beauty of your home! 


Another tip regarding landscaping—consider hiring the same team again to come back a few days after your wedding if your budget allows. Even a relatively small party can do some damage to your yard and this way you can rest easy knowing that your lawn will return to normal when the celebration settles down. 


5. Rent a tent


Not only are tents the cure to any rainy day mishap, they’re also a great option for the couples who don’t want a lot of foot traffic within their own home. If your space allows, talk to your wedding planner about the best tent rentals in your area and take the party outside. You can make your tent even more romantic by stringing twinkling lights throughout as well. 


6. Repurpose family furniture/display heirlooms


Make your at-home wedding feel even more intimate by incorporating family heirlooms that have been passed down for generations. This could mean displaying old china or glassware that’s only saved for special occasions or featuring a piece of furniture that holds meaning. Old family photographs always add a nice vintage and romantic touch to any table as well!


7. Don’t forget about indoor space


Another rain plan alternative to consider. If you have the space to host people inside of your home, then do it! Inviting your guests inside will provide another layer of intimacy that extravagant wedding venues just can’t capture. Again, talk to your wedding planner about how the flow of the layout should work as well as which focal points you want to highlight on your big day. 


8. Think about your exit plan 


You can still have a special send-off when your at-home wedding is over! Whether you want everyone to celebrate with sparklers as you hold hands coming down the driveway or want to keep the party going with a confetti cannon, you should still close out the night with a celebration. This way you can leave all of your guests feeling warm and fuzzy as they watch you and yours drive away into this new phase in your life.


One last note for our couples getting married at home: do not forget to tell your neighbors that your wedding is taking place in your home! A decent heads up will ensure that they can prepare for a party that may go well into the night. Some might even choose to stay at a hotel for the evening, so it’s best to give them a notice as early as possible!