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6 Must-Know Wedding Day Trends

July 15, 2020


Can we just say - 2020 has been a wild ride for weddings. What started off as a promising year for love quickly crumbled into broken-hearted postponements due to safety concerns over COVID-19. While the initial shock of this news was disheartening, love stories continued to persevere throughout all of the chaos. Large celebrations transformed into intimate ceremonies where family and friends tuned in over Zoom while others delayed their nuptials and continued to plan from the comfort of their home.


Whether COVID-19 has made you totally re-think everything you know about weddings or you're curious as to what's in store for ceremonies to come, we've made a list of all the wedding day trends you need to know about as you begin to plan in a time that feels uncertain and uncharted. 


1. Sustainability 


There's been a huge shift with how people think about the planet. More awareness on the longevity and health of the Earth has become a driving force behind how brides approach planning for their wedding day decor. We're seeing couples opt for wedding venues that already have luscious floral backdrops or choose to display plants instead of cut flowers that aren't native to the area. Moral of the story: reduce, reuse, recycle! 


2. Corona-Themed Decor


Ok, this one may seem a bit cheesy, but couples are incorporating decor that references the coronavirus pandemic. Whether that means toasting with Corona beers or posing for photographs 6 feet apart, couples are embracing the uncertainty of the moment with humor because there's nothing that can stand in the way of a love story. 


3. Bright & Bold Hues


A pop of color never hurt anybody! The time has come to forego pastel hues for more bold and bright displays. Couples are opting for stand-out florals and even neon signs that display a sweet message or their wedding date. Going for neutral tones is no longer the status quo, so feel free to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding day decor!


4. Laidback Bridal Styles


More and more brides are keeping it chill when it comes to their wedding day look. Now with COVID-19 forcing couples to downsize their original wedding day plans, brides are leaning towards easygoing bridal styles that still capture that wedding day romance without sacrificing comfort or beauty. 


 5. Mismatched Bridesmaids


It's every bridesmaid for themselves! At least when it comes to picking out their dresses. The rule that your bridal party has to match perfectly is definitely meant to be broken. You can give your bridesmaid a color/theme and they can pick a dress that falls into that category, or give them free rein and allow them to wear whatever they feel best in as they watch you walk down the aisle.


6. Intimate Settings


Finally - it's the age of micro-weddings and minimonies! Smaller ceremonies are definitely the move this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Couples are opting for quality over quantity by allocating more of their time to making their ceremony feel unique through one-of-a-kind table displays and innovative cocktail hours. 


Header image credit: Alejandro Avila