2022 Wedding Bouquet Inspiration Mobile Image

2022 Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

December 02, 2021

One of the best details of your wedding is the flowers: it’s the easiest way to bring in color to the decor, and immediately adds a romantic touch to the entire day. Your bouquet is one of the most noticeable accessories of your wedding dress, so finding one you love is key. If you’re in the process of trying to choose your flowers, fall in love with some of our favorite floral trends for 2022:

White and Dusty Rose



Classic and simple with a pop of color, this white and dusty rose bouquet gives you a classic yet slightly edgy look. Deep rose adds a slightly moody tone to your bouquet, giving it a vintage feel that’s the perfect blend of traditional and modern. 

Tropical and Bright



For destination or summer weddings, we’re loving explosions of color—deep teals, bold oranges, and hints of purple give this bouquet an eye-catching look that suits the warm weather perfectly. The deep shades will also make the white of your dress that much brighter!

Yellow and Blue



For something sunny and lighthearted, we love this white bouquet scattered throughout with yellow and blue flowers. Perfect for spring, this color combination immediately gives your wedding a light, joyful tone that’s perfect for the celebration. 

Monotone Pink 




Looking for something romantic and girly? Why not go all out with pink! This monotone pink bouquet makes a statement, giving you a standout color to use throughout your decor. The varied textures within the monotone are all gorgeous, adding intense visual interest that keeps the monotone unique throughout. 

Shades of Yellow




We’re absolutely in love with this varied, yellow bouquet for autumn brides. A range from pastel yellow to mustard reflects the gorgeous foliage perfectly, while subtle sprigs of wheat add to the seasonal grace of the bouquet. 

Pops of Blue 




Looking for the perfect “something blue?” Add a few pops of blue into your bouquet! This is the perfect way to get your something blue, and it will differentiate your bouquet from the bridesmaids’. This bride opted for shades of deep cornflower blue, but you could easily go with navy or even periwinkle if you wanted—this is a look easily adapted to your wedding’s aesthetic.